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Sun, Mar. 6th, 2011, 04:35 pm
shanachie_quill: Leverage ReAir

Tonight at 11pm and 12am EST TNT is re-airing "The Double Blind Job" and "The Studio Job" for anyone who is interested. At least on Xfinity/Comcast cable in New Jersey. Check local listings to see if y'all get them too!

I won't be doing a chat...but y'all are welcome to watch and use this post to discuss if you want.

Sun, Mar. 6th, 2011 10:37 pm (UTC)

Thanks for posting this - I appreciate the reminder! I only caught last week's two repeats because Beth tweeted about them being on.

It's nice that we're getting repeats!

Sun, Mar. 6th, 2011 11:43 pm (UTC)

It is nice that we're getting repeats. I'm not gonna stay up and watch since that's a bit late for me with work in the morning even with no commute now, but I happened to glance at the Guide looking for something else and saw them.